Denver While Black: Allurr’em Velvit. Entrepreneur, Performer, Producer with an Emmy

Allurr’em Velvit is an incredible Black woman who dabbles in tons of unique fields ranging from entrepreneurship to stage performances to journalism behind the camera. One of my favorite parts of my conversation with her was when we were talking about something entirely unrelated and she just stops mid-sentence and says, “Oh, you mean, my Emmy?” And pulls it off her bookshelf behind her.

She is Co-Founder and Producer of Melanated Menagerie, a freelance producer, and an Emmy Award Winning AP.

Owner of a Black hair and body care store in Denver where she works tirelessly to bring high-quality products from Black local businesses and product lines to the masses, she is fully dedicated in investing in her new community. Hailing from the mid-west, she moved to Denver because of her love of nature and the vibe.

In my conversation, we talk about body image while being on stage, her journey in choosing herself and who she represents in a white, male-dominated industry, uplifting the stories of Black America, toxicity of whiteness and self-care in challenging work environments, and so much more. She drops so many gems as she shares about her journey throughout America chasing her self, her love, her identity, and her story.

Currently, she is raising support for her business as she endeavors to secure it better against those who wish her dreams to not go forth. You can read more about her vision for her community and her store here in her GoFundMe. Support her directly via PayPal or through this link. Click here for GoFundMe.

From Allurr’em:

I am not only the founder and operator of Velv’IT Boutique Beauty-offering Denver Naturals the service they deserve while seeking out their Beauty supply needs – but also an established Producer of film television and live events. Haha, I even perform in some of those events!!

Shop with us over at our website.

If you’re local, come on in: 4611 Peoria St. Unit A2, Denver CO 80239

Facebook: Velv’IT Boutique Beauty

Instagram: Velv’IT Boutique Beauty

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