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Amanda Chambers: Writer, Business Owner, Publisher, and Future World-Schooling Parent


On this episode, I chat with Amanda Chambers, owner and brain behind Divine Legacy Publishing. We talk about her journey as a writer now business owner, her plans to world school her daughter, being a Black woman in 2020, and the importance of HBCUs (Historically Black Colleges and Universities).

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Social Media Handles/Websites:

Blurb About Divine Legacy Publishing:

Divine Legacy Publishing, LLC helps authors successfully self-publish their books by providing writing coaching, professional editing, self-publishing coaching, branding and social media coaching, graphic design, website design, illustration design services, and audio services. Our mission is to help authors share their stories with the world while they retain creative control of their work and their profits.

And now for some pics of Amanda and her family:

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6) Never apologize for resting

7) Do something dope everyday.

Much love.

Dr. J

Heather Oglesby—Rwanda, White Saviorism/Allyship, Marriage, Therapy


Heather is an amazing human who does dope things and I got to snag her for almost an hour. She is a Peace Corps veteran who served in Rwanda, a newly wed to another amazing human, a mental health professional, hiker of mountains, reader, therapist, and so much more.

In this interview, we chat about marriage, the LGBT journey for her, living in Rwanda, returning to life after Rwanda, white saviorism, being a white ally and advocate for Black/Brown people, and the absolute necessity of therapy.

Enjoy the episode, reach out to her on Instagram at @newoglesby, and share with your friend circle!

Also from Heather..

My social media accounts are newoglesby (Instagram) and my blog can be found at I forgot to mention this during the call, but a GREAT account to follow on Instagram is called No White Saviors (nowhitesaviors) — an advocacy organization based in Uganda. They have a lot of information and resources about combating white saviorism.

Heather: All the above are PC photos (the first one is with my host family that I mentioned). The second is the school I taught at, the other is one near the home I lived in. The last is with a group of students I worked closely with!

Hiking and wedding photos above.

Terri Harding: Author, Mom, Wife, and #BlackGirlMagic


Hey good people,

Jenaya here. I hope you’re having a great day! So today, I am interviewing one of my favorite friends, Terri Harding. I’ve forgotten how long we have been friends, but it was before she procreated and was even married! She is a newly published author of a book! We talk about her writing process, her vision for her story, marriage (cuz I’m hopelessly single and she’s been married for over 10 years which is basically 100 years), being a mom, and being a Black woman in 2020.

Check out our chat and buy her book! Support Black woman authors!

You can find her on the internet:

Facebook: Terri Harding

Twitter: Terribell85

Instagram: Terribell85

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Terri, Bill, and Kobi Harding, 2020

Alice Walker, Chinese Homework, Minority Mental Health Month

Hey good people!


I just finished reading a book that I need to talk about. Here it is: “Temple of My Familiar” by Alice Walker. It’s the story of Black women in South America living. The part that caught my eyes and ears and heart was how she weaved the Black woman’s sexuality into the narrative and normalized it. I was slightly obsessed. She talked about the wetness between our thighs, our soft bellies and strong legs, our scent enticing men and us having the choice and options to pursue or not to pursue, be pursued or not. Ugh, just so much great.

Next, I talk about homework for Chinese students. I teach in China and have been taking pictures of desks here in China. It seems mundane, but I love to capture everyday things that tell stories. Here, I’m slightly obsessed with desks.

Last, it’s Minority Mental Health Month and I encourage the white people to Sshhh! (Be quiet) and for Black people to find our voice and seek the help we need to find balance in our volatile contexts.

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Bye friends 🙂

“Where Should Connor Go To School?” And Coconut Cream


Hello good people,

On today’s episode, I answer a question I received from Bekah from Denver. What ought we do and think about as we white parents choose schools for their kids to attend?

Good one! Listen for the following:
—Addressing whiteness in your school-age kids will encourage them to not grow up to be Karens and Todds.
—Your kid will be just fine statistically in under/well-performing schools because you have the means to supplement in schools that are lacking in certain areas.
—Teach your kid Connor that Black or non-white does not equal bad/lazy

Lastly, treat yourself to extra coconut cream if you’re having a bad day! That’s my vegan tip for you this week 🙂

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Peace and blessings from China, y’all.

The Lord’s nectar

Statues, White People, Dragon Boat Festival

Hey guys, ladies, and non-gender-confirming people,

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On today’s episode, I talk about what white people did to make me mad this week. In my podcast, I’m not going to spend too much time giving the background on all these issues, but I will give you enough context to help y’all see how whiteness deeply impacts and continues to now allow space for non-white bodies and minds to breathe. And this week, I’m talking about the statues.

Also, to ground the conversation, I share about the difference between white people and white people. And I give my definition of “caucastic amnesia.” Caucastic amnesia is a term I created that explains how whiteness makes folks (usually white people) forget or distort their memory of actual truth and history. It’s super dangerous and has long-lasting ramifications in every facet of life.

Next, Dragon Boat Festival. I napped through it and it was cancelled last minute so I didn’t feel too bad. It’s on my bucket list of things to do whilst in China and this is the second year I’ve missed it! Ugh. But here is the glutinous rice pyramid wrapped in string and a link to some info on the story.

Glutinous rice pyramid

And a dragon boat

Last, self-care moment: Schedule your non-negotiables. You’ll feel better and lower your anxiety.

Much love from Shenzhen.


Dr. J


Hey good people! I’m changing my podcast a bit and centering it on all things me! But there is space for you too! I have way too many interests and there are WAY too many things happening in this world to have a solo focus. So now I will have a plethora of foci and it will be all things that I love to think, talk about, and conversate (Yes I said it) about. Join me on the journey.

Current Black Author Book: The Temple of My Familiar by Alice Walker.

“Topics I may or may not cover in any given podcast episode”

Book I’m reading

Reflection on the week

Expat life

Vegan life

Traveling the world

Dismantling whiteness


Being Black

Dope People I know

Ask me a question!

Get ready for a fun adventure! Stay tuned for more episodes.

‘Rona Self-Care Reflection by Dr. J

Check out the episode!! —>>

Hey guys! The Rona is about over for me here in China and I’m DEVASTATED cuz I’ve LOVED this Rona season! In this episode, I talk about how I have not only survived, but thrived. Lots of folks have asked me how and now I’m spilling the beans.

Self-Care During the ‘Rona
What have I been doing? Answer: IOENO (I don’t even know)
Suggestions for you and y’all

Post-run. On my daily walk to pick up my dinner at the grocery store. Headed home to cook!

My suggestions for you and y’all as you brave this intense and unexpected time:

Read—schedule it. I didn’t do this and now I’m sad.
Own your feelings. If you feel shitty, say it and be it. If you feel like superwoman/man/gender-non-conforming, say it and be it.
Call your people. Don’t call the people who aren’t your people.
Laugh at the memes. They really are hilarious.
Rest. We will probably and hopefully never ever have this time to rest ever again.
Exercise. I run every other day unless I’m bleeding. It’s necessary. I’m slower than molasses and that’s fine
Go outside. Everyday.
Eat well. (I’ve been vegan and unfortunately have loved it and feel amazing. Try that maybe?)

Plan your pivot. Whatever you’ve been thinking and saying you want to do and change..plan it. And start to implement it.
Reevaluate those things that you’ve had to give up during this time. Be thankful for the purge.

Episode 12: Lawrence. Food. China. Texas. Black. Painter.

^^^^ Check out Lawrence’s interview here! ^^^^
Lawrence in Thailand

I spent time chatting with Lawrence right when the Coronavirus shenanigans began. We chatted about all things travel, eating, trying to convince people to travel, and incorporating the global perspective into future plans. He’s great and shared that he would love to hear from you.

Follow him…
Instagram: @furcoatlorenzo
YouTube: Black Dragon in China

The first three pictures are in Thailand (Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya) and the last four are in China(Beijing, Xi’an).

Cuzzo, ESL, Educator Survives Europe

From the pen of the Cuzzo:

I am 32 years old and in my 9th year teaching, currently as an English Language Development specialist in a rural district outside of Denver.  I’ve been married to my husband for 11 years, and we have 2 boys (aged 7 and 5).

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

When I’m not teaching I enjoy reading, sewing Harry Potter inspired quilts and clothes, and spending time with the family.

Salzburg, Austria

I don’t have any hocks to share, but people are more than welcome to follow me on Twitter (@ShelbyReadsAlot) and Instagram (@shelbyreadsbooks), however you will be bombarded with pictures of my kids, Harry Potter Memes, and my cat being weird.


Countries I’ve visited: 

And I’m going to Ireland, Scotland, and England July 2021. 

Follow her: Twitter (@ShelbyReadsAlot) and Instagram (@shelbyreadsbooks)

Salzburg, Austria

Thanks for sharing your story on the internet waves with me!