New Book

How can I purchase your book?

Well, I’m glad you asked!

Because I live in China, my book is available for purchase as an .mobi or .pub e-file. This way, we save the planet and I receive more royalties.

100% of proceeds from this book are going to my next venture which I’m SUPER thrilled about! I will be providing resources to teachers and parents who want to bring the world into their classroom and homes. I’ll be the Blackity Black version of “Where In the World Is Carmen San Diego?”

Suggested Retail Price: $15.00 USD.
If you want to support my future global education venture with more than my SRP, feel free to do so! Thanks in advance!

Since this is an e-file, please tell folks to purchase directly through me and PLEASE do not share the e-file with others.

Click here to shoot me an email. I will share how to send payment via PayPal. Then, I will email you my book directly. Easy as pie!

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#BlackInDenver: A Black Girl’s Reflection on Being A Boujie Hipster and Black In Her Favorite Town. Essays On Race, Racial and Cultural Dissonance, Whiteness, and Being Blackity Black.

Alternative Title A: #BlackInDenver: Rants, Thoughts, Musings, Annoyances, Observations, and Proclivities of a Black Girl in Denver—A Very White Town.

Alternative Title B: THESE White People **Eye Roll Emoji**

Yes, my book has 3 titles.

Anti-racism, white allyship, and dismantling whiteness work requires listening to, grieving with, and celebrating the wins of Black people. Then, folks committed to advocacy must create steps and actually walk the daily road towards unity, selflessness, and support. The first step is listening intently and reading. The next step is asking hard questions and doing the heavy lifting by changing one’s lens to see and understand the perspectives and lived experiences of the different ones. Herein lies my book.

My name is Jenaya and I invite you to see my journey, my tears, my frustrations, my relentless hope, and my audacity to be unwilling to accept that whiteness ought not be challenged. Come see what I see, hear what I hear, and feel what I feel as I take you to the grocery store, to church, to school, to my favorite restaurants, to the gym, to my apartment, to house parties, to gentrified neighborhoods, and to bars in my favorite town Denver. 

This book turns statistics, data, and numbers to which we have become desensitized into a real person with a mind, a body, a heart, an address, a fro, an opinion, and a name. It is my hope that through my essays and Facebook statuses that my readers of color will feel seen, know that they are not the only ones in this overwhelmingly toxic cesspool of whiteness, and will choose their mental health and safety over the violent status quo. For my white readers, I hope that you will be challenged to examine your circle of influence, identify the parts that are not safe and affirming for your friends, colleagues, and family of color, and use the tools and privilege you have to dismantle whiteness when you see it. 

Subscribe to my website and to my future Patreon. Starting January 2021, I will be holding an online book/podcast club where we will discuss topics connected to my book (anti-racism, dismantling whiteness, celebrating the Black experience), interviews with dope people I know who do incredible things, and a read-aloud (with commentary) from my book. See you there!