Angela “Ange” Saint-Yl


My work is focused around food, travel, inspiring confidence/empowerment, and really living out your dreams/passions

Me at Frida Kahlo’s home/art studio in Mexico City

Me enjoying a delicious, from scratch donut in Ottawa, Canada

Me treating myself to a solo date in the Wynwood Arts District in Miami

My bio: I am a DIY Travel Mentor! I have been a solo traveler for the last five years and it has changed my life/my relationship with myself in more ways than I could have imagined. This came close to almost not happening though because I had a lot of mindset blocks/fears about taking the leap to fulfill my dreams. That didn’t happen thank goodness but it was stirred in me over last year to be someone who could give solid resources/help women who may be in a similar situation that I was. Travel has been one of the best gifts I could have received and I want to be able to pass that gift onto others to receive + nourished/enriched similarly!

Working with me: The way I offer my services is through my duo of courses entitled the Solo Traveler’s Playbook. In both versions, I breakdown all the components of an itinerary (flights, accommodations, activities, budgeting, and transit) into bite-size, actionable pieces so you can seamlessly customize and make your dream travel itineraries a reality! Click here for my website!

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ALWAYS buy books from Black independent bookstores, NOT Amazon.

Are you currently reading a book by a Black author? Share your thoughts in a brief audio clip and I’ll feature you and your read on a future podcast episode!

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