“Where Should Connor Go To School?” And Coconut Cream


Hello good people,

On today’s episode, I answer a question I received from Bekah from Denver. What ought we do and think about as we white parents choose schools for their kids to attend?

Good one! Listen for the following:
—Addressing whiteness in your school-age kids will encourage them to not grow up to be Karens and Todds.
—Your kid will be just fine statistically in under/well-performing schools because you have the means to supplement in schools that are lacking in certain areas.
—Teach your kid Connor that Black or non-white does not equal bad/lazy

Lastly, treat yourself to extra coconut cream if you’re having a bad day! That’s my vegan tip for you this week 🙂

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Peace and blessings from China, y’all.

The Lord’s nectar

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