Statues, White People, Dragon Boat Festival

Hey guys, ladies, and non-gender-confirming people,

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On today’s episode, I talk about what white people did to make me mad this week. In my podcast, I’m not going to spend too much time giving the background on all these issues, but I will give you enough context to help y’all see how whiteness deeply impacts and continues to now allow space for non-white bodies and minds to breathe. And this week, I’m talking about the statues.

Also, to ground the conversation, I share about the difference between white people and white people. And I give my definition of “caucastic amnesia.” Caucastic amnesia is a term I created that explains how whiteness makes folks (usually white people) forget or distort their memory of actual truth and history. It’s super dangerous and has long-lasting ramifications in every facet of life.

Next, Dragon Boat Festival. I napped through it and it was cancelled last minute so I didn’t feel too bad. It’s on my bucket list of things to do whilst in China and this is the second year I’ve missed it! Ugh. But here is the glutinous rice pyramid wrapped in string and a link to some info on the story.

Glutinous rice pyramid

And a dragon boat

Last, self-care moment: Schedule your non-negotiables. You’ll feel better and lower your anxiety.

Much love from Shenzhen.


Dr. J

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