Alice Walker, Chinese Homework, Minority Mental Health Month

Hey good people!


I just finished reading a book that I need to talk about. Here it is: “Temple of My Familiar” by Alice Walker. It’s the story of Black women in South America living. The part that caught my eyes and ears and heart was how she weaved the Black woman’s sexuality into the narrative and normalized it. I was slightly obsessed. She talked about the wetness between our thighs, our soft bellies and strong legs, our scent enticing men and us having the choice and options to pursue or not to pursue, be pursued or not. Ugh, just so much great.

Next, I talk about homework for Chinese students. I teach in China and have been taking pictures of desks here in China. It seems mundane, but I love to capture everyday things that tell stories. Here, I’m slightly obsessed with desks.

Last, it’s Minority Mental Health Month and I encourage the white people to Sshhh! (Be quiet) and for Black people to find our voice and seek the help we need to find balance in our volatile contexts.

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Bye friends 🙂

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