Denver While Black: Angela Wells

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Angela Wells is a Denver transplant who has fallen in love with the city and the community she has built for herself and her family. She is a marketing executive for an insurance company and an entrepreneur who aligns her purpose and priorities in everything she does. She currently provides quality products at affordable prices with great customer service in her business Serein Naturals, a vegan haircare and skincare product line and Angie’s Vegan Cakes.

Her Career: Corporate and Entrepreneur

In her successful corporate career in marketing, she knows how to find a need, a niche, and build a sustainable product that supports her values. She did just this when she started Angie’s Vegan Cakes. She had to solve a deeply personal problem—she wanted a delicious vegan cake for her birthday and couldn’t find one. So, she made one for herself, everyone loved it, and asked her for more. In Serein Naturals, she has created 20 vegan and ethically sourced products for all kinds of skin types and many different kinds of challenges.

Being Vegan

Veganism and the plant-based lifestyle is, for her, her life mission and conviction. It began during a spiritual crossroad. She didn’t want to abuse, harm, or exploit animals and found this to be best for her. Being Black and vegan can be difficult sometimes, but she shares that, “If being vegan was easy and simple and flooded the market like animal products, people would be vegan. It’s supply and demand and marketing.”

Work, Life, Balance, Community

The work life and parenting balance can sometimes be, albeit not a vegan phrase, similar to “running around like a chicken with my head cut off!’ She relies heavily on her calendar knowing that not everything has to happen today. She puts important things she needs to get done on her calendar with the time and date—simple and efficient. In the interview, she shares how transformational hiring a life coach was to helping her maintain balance in her life as a working mom, wife, and entrepreneur.

Moving from Atlanta to Denver was a huge culture shock. She relocated after reconnecting with and marrying her now husband. She credits Brother Jeff’s Cultural Center and SistaBiz Global Network for giving her tools and opportunities to build her community here and support her business ventures.

Being Black

Angela shares that being a black woman today is difficult, but that we are empowering each other as a collective and helping each other. “I’m surrounded by support, love, praise, celebration, and all the beautiful things of being a Black woman. It’s a great time to be a black woman. And we need to walk in our feminine power and beauty.”

Recommended books:

Celestine Prophecy by James Redfield

Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz and Janet Mills

(Buy books from Black independent bookstores, not Amazon! Use link above to purchase and support Uncle Bobbie’s Books.)

Connect with Angela Wells


Instagram: @AngiesVeganCakes

From Angela: My name is Angela Wells and I am the owner and operator of Serein Naturals, a collection of vegan hair, face, and body care products for women, men, and children. The company is rooted in a love and success with essential oils and finding the best ways to harness their power in hair and skincare products. The ingredients that large corporations advertise, but have at the bottom of their ingredients list, ours are at the top. Serein Naturals offers eco friendly products that hydrate, nourish, and seal in the good stuff at affordable prices with excellent customer service! I also make vegan cakes in the Denver metro area and can be hired for birthdays, holidays, weddings, and more!

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Instagram: @melanatedstamps

Podcast: Melanated Stamps

Book: #BlackInDenver: A Black Girl’s Reflection on Being A Boujie Hipster and Black In Her Favorite Town. Essays On Race, Racial and Cultural Dissonance, Whiteness, and Being Blackity Black.

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