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A Podcast highlighting and showcasing the stories and voices of Black and Brown American travelers.

Episode 4: MelSta is Back and Ridding Toxicity

In the voice of Kevin Hart, “See what had happened was…” Life just got real China-y.  I had to disappear for a while and recover. Living abroad may seem glorious from a distance, but it just ends up being tons of easy and sometimes bizarre challenges that need solutions. And in my case, the challenges come all in one very long, never ending month—which for me was March. In this episode, I talk about ridding myself of toxicity—how I did (and am doing) it, why, and what my life is like as I identify the toxins and work to clean them all out! Also, I reflect on what it’s life to truly see yourself. When you’re abroad, you’re faced with your whole, raw, and blemished self. This life is a ruthless mirror of the truth that I can easily run away from when I’m in my comfort zone at home! I wish living abroad was just super cute Instagrammable selfies, but it’s hard and draining growth work! The journey is tough and this episode is just an update on what I’ve been processing while I disappeared. 

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Hey hey! On this episode of Melanated Stamps, I’m talking about how to critically assess safety levels based on news articles. EVERY time I go somewhere, someone has an opinion on if I should travel anywhere. It’s always AFTER I purchase the plane ticket and it’s ALWAYS people who have NEVER left their neighborhood. Well, aren’t you helpful.. Eye roll.

Of course, they were watching the news. Of course, they do really love me. Of course, they want to make sure I’m ok. Of course, I politely listen. Then I proceed to take selfies upon reaching my destination like, “Welp, looks like I’m not dead and doing just fine!” as I sip on my boujie fruit smoothie with sand-dipped toes at the beach or traverse the city in my hipster Birkenstocks.

Albeit, news is helpful. Yes, one should check it before you head out. But don’t let it scare you. I tell people, “Would you just the whole USA by South Chicago or LA? Do you have any idea how terrified people are of visiting the US cuz ‘[we] have guns EVERYWHERE!’?” Of course not! The majority of spots are safe like a Kansas cornfield and you will be just fine.

Just don’t be stupid.

Check out my perspective on how I navigate and give the side eye to the news and determine my strategy for travel based on what I read!

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Here are the articles I referenced in this podcast:h

Episode #2: Caribbean, Brooklyn, Morehouse, China, and Beyond

THE Kane Jacob

Episode 2 of Melanated Stamps features Kane Jacob. He is from Brooklyn, New York with roots in the Caribbean. He graduated in 2016 from Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia with a degree in Political Science and a double minor in Chinese and International Relations. He’s been to Curaçao, Grenada, Ghana, Morocco, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados, Mexico, Canada, Bahamas, and St. Vincent & Grenadines. I loved listening to him talk about studying abroad in China for several weeks, his creativity amidst needing to problem solving, and life resilience. Feel free to join him on the interwebs. If you’re headed where he’s been and need some ideas, want to connect about financial planning, or chat about a plethora of other topics, he’d love to hear from you! He can be found on Instagram and Twitter at kane_jacob.

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Kane at the Slave Castle “El Mina” in Ghana
Kane in Ghana

MelSta: Episode #1

It’s finally here, guys! And what a time to celebrate–on the first day of Black History Month. For the record, we should be celebrating Melanated folks EVERYday and honoring the culture, creative, and epicness of Black and Brown folks ALL the time.

Check out the first episode of Melanated Stamps on Stitcher, iTunes, and wherever else you listen to podcasts. On this episode, you’ll hear my Why for starting the podcast and a bit of the vision I have for this new platform.

As always, share with your friends and stay tuned. Greatness is happening. Join the movement!

What is MelStamps?

This blog is the internet base for my actual project–a podcast focused on the stories and voices of Black and Brown American global travelers. I was thinking about what impact I want to leave in the world (like any millennial), sat down, and wrote This blog is the internet base for my actual project–a podcast focused on the stories and voices of Black and Brown American global travelers. I was thinking about what impact I want to leave in the world (like any millennial–albeit it, I’m an old-school millennial..), sat down, and wrote out everything that I love today. That list was..

  • Black people
  • Stories and storytelling
  • Traveling the world
  • Podcasts

And I asked myself, “What would it look like if I combined all my loves?” And WALLAH! Melanated Stamps was born!

Every 2 weeks, I’ll be dropping a new episode into the interwebs. You’ll be able to find me on all the podcast finders–iTunes, Stitcher, and this site.

If you’re interested in being showcased, inbox me and we will make that happen!

Intro to MelStamps

Hey y’all! Welcome to Melanated Stamps! I’m REALLY bad at introductions and such cuz I just feel like you’ll get to know me and who I am as I write and build this new platform. But for now..

Name: Jenaya (Gin-NEIGH-Yuh)
Location: Shenzhen, China
Education: Lots
Countries Traveled to: 28
Race: Black
Ethnicity: Very Black and Unapologetically Boujie
Addictions: Facebook, cookie dough, and naps
Phobias: Worms
Marital Status: Meh.
2019 Vision: Amongst other things, building Melanated Stamps into a dope brand and platform, writing a book, and living my best life in Asia.

Let’s chat now about Melanated Stamps!

MelStamps is a passion project of mine. I love stories, melanated people, and traveling the world. Ever since I was a little girl, I knew I wanted to see as many countries as I could before kicking the bucket. And here I am doing just that. In traveling, I noticed that so few of the Americans I cross paths with look like me. This MUST change. And I’m going to do my due diligence to help fix this by highlighting and showcasing the stories and lives of those who look like me and travel like me, sharing strategies that I use to travel, and giving you a front-row seat to my life abroad. I invite you to join in on all the fun and adventure!