S2E7. Benita’s 5 Wisdom Gems: Education Concierge, Building, and Connecting


Benita C. Gordon is a 24-year veteran of education. She is a turnaround specialist and an advocate for progressive and disruptive education. She has always believed that becoming an educator is in her DNA. As an edupreneur, and she is the founder of Just Teach Education Consulting and Global Education Concierge BG, LLC where the focus is on providing educational advising, coaching, consulting, and training. As the Education Concierge, the aim is to coordinate all aspects of and for education nationally and internationally eliminating all roadblocks and layers. She is also the host of The Education Concierge Podcast where weekly episodes a variety of guests come on to have a conversation about education found on all podcast platforms.

Website:  https://justteachbasics.wixsite.com/globaled

Online Homeschool: ggecacademy.org 

Buy me a Coffee: https://www.buymeacoffe.com/Educonciergebg

IG: @educoncierge



Benita Gordon

Twitter:  EduConciergeBG

FB: https://www.facebook.com/GordonGlobalEducationConcierge

IG:  Theeduconcierge

Global Ex Education: We bring the world to every kid’s home and classroom through virtual dynamic learning content that incorporates and enhances reading, social science, global citizenship, math, science, and writing skills by igniting curiosity, fostering passion for the globe and its people, and connecting humans around the world.

Support my work and you support people’s livelihoods in over 8 countries!

Message me for details on increasing literacy and global citizenship through your next fundraiser for your organization, school, and classroom!

Come be a guest on my podcast Melanated Stamps and share your story with the world. Message me ☀️


IG: @globalexeducation

Facebook: @globalexeducation

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