S2E5. Aja’s 5 Wisdom Gems: Literacy Educator, Coach, and Entrepreneur


I am an educational consultant who helps elementary teachers and homeschool parents create their ideal life by helping them easily manage all the pieces of their reading instruction without the dreadful feeling of teacher burnout. My mission is to help over 500+ teachers & homeschool parents see growth in their children’s reading skills by providing them with resources, strategic planning, and the effective coaching they need to make a major impact. I currently reside in Georgia but work with teachers, schools, and school districts all over the United States.

I offer live support and coaching along with on demand support and courses. In addition to my one-on-one support, I also have a program that consists of monthly group support calls, digital resources, and even a self-study course that helps teachers and parents create engaging, standard-based lessons. You can see more of my services HERE. (https://www.everythingaja.com/work-with-me)

Website: https://www.everythingaja.com/

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/@EverythingAJA

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/everything_aja/

Online Store: https://www.everythingaja.shop/#/

Free Workshop: https://www.everythingaja.com/teach-reading

Global Ex Education aims to bring the world to every kid’s classroom and home. Founder, Dr. Jenaya L. Perdue, equitably hires and collaborates with locals in their home countries to create high quality, multilingual learning materials that introduce the world to kids and their caring adults. Join the movement and support this incredible work.


Instagram: @globalexeducation

Global Melanated Storyteller | Linktree

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