S2E3. Billie’s 5 Wisdom Gems: Learning in the Kitchen, Mama-preneur


I’m Billie, a designer, and mom of 🐣🐣. Owner of Tampoco Design Studio (CLE, OH), which specializes in designing high-quality, ergonomic baking utensils for kids.

At Tampoco we believe design can make a difference! And when I couldn’t find the perfect baking utensils for my son, I gathered all the superhero-unicorn- women around me and decided to design the perfect set ourselves. Everyone on the team is covered in flour- from the product designer to the photographer and the production manager in the factory- we are all aunts and moms, kitchen lovers, and design consumers. 

We believe in superb quality, ergonomic design, and real-life esthetics (AKA: mess), and we hope we can help others create some unforgettable moments with their tough cookies.

Contact information:




@GlobalExEducation aims to:

✈️Bring the world to every kid’s classroom and home.

✈️Show kids through reading, independent study, and research that they can explore the world.

✈️Create engaging literature for kids so they learn about incredible countries near and far from their homes.

✈️Provide multilingual books for young diverse scholars.

✈️Equitably hire and collaborate with locals in their home countries to create high quality learning materials.

✈️Equip teachers and caring adults with tools and materials to foster global citizenship in our youngest generation.

Join the movement! Like, follow, and tell your friends! @globalexeducation

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