S2E2. Ashleigh’s 5 Wisdom Gems: Lawyer, School Leader, Entrepreneur


Ashleigh Stevens is a work-from-anywhere wife, mother, and Founder of Heart-Centered Brands based out of Central Illinois.  Her latest ventures include Empress Legal and Quantum Montessori School, two of the businesses under HCB spreading heart-centered consciousness to the collective.

Over the past 18 years, Ashleigh has assisted businesses and legal teams improve operational efficiency, develop, and implement successful programs, nurture client relationships, and build stronger teams.  As a consultant at Empress Legal, Ashleigh helps small and large legal teams improve their operational, managerial, and support services. Ashleigh’s experience allows her to assist clients in managing their portfolios while also maximizing returns. 

Empress is a full-service, legal support company renowned for its dedication to excellence, community, and innovation.  Empress supports clients ranging from ambitious solo practitioners to Global 100 Law Firms and Legal Groups. Empress Legal is a highly experienced and distinguished team of legal professionals bringing a unique combination of multidisciplinary backgrounds with finely tuned specialization in Intellectual Property.

Through exceptional education, her Floating Hearts parenting style, awareness, and a heart-centered consciousness, Ashleigh aims to provide students with the education they need and want. To meet this mission, we ensure that we offer all children an enjoyable, equitable, and fun learning experience.

As a coach and mentor, Ashleigh assists her clients in improving their emotional intelligence, knowledge, health, and wellness to become their most confident selves. She is an experienced communicator, analytical, critical thinker, problem-solver, and wellness coach who helps clients implement their dreams by following their passions.


Website: https://quantummonti.com and https://empresslegal.com

Instagram: @iamashleighstevens @quantummontessori @empresslegal @whitebutterflycmc

LinkedIn: www.linkedin.com/in/ashleighdstevens


About the book: Gerri loves to explore the world and travels to meet her new friend Xiaotong in Shenzhen, China. In this book, you will learn about Chinese food, culture, hobbies, language, family, traditions, everyday life, and so much more! Written in English, Spanish, and Chinese, readers of all ages will be captivated by the beautiful illustrations and exciting expedition to China.

Global Ex Education aims to bring the world to every kid’s classroom and home. Founder, Dr. Jenaya L. Perdue, equitably hires and collaborates with locals in their home countries to create high quality, multilingual learning materials that introduce the world to kids and their caring adults. Join the movement and support this incredible work.


Instagram: @globalexeducation

Global Melanated Storyteller | Linktree

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