28) #DenverWhileBlack: Barry. “Ignite Your Greatness” Author, Law Enforcement, Real Estate, Entrepreneur.


Barry Overton worked 26 years in Law Enforcement. His experience ranges from a Military Police Officer where he served as a Non-Commissioned Officer during Operation Desert Storm. Barry further spent 21 years with the Denver Police Dept. 17 of those years he worked as a

Narcotics Detective.

Through his military and police experiences Barry learned structure and thinking outside the box, to create effective plans that lead to successful outcomes. His ability to make split second decisions in life threatening situations has served him well in other aspects of his life.

Mr. Overton has been an Entrepreneur since 1998 and a Real Estate Agent in the Metro Denver Area since 2001. Through mentorship and continuously developing a “Can’t Lose” mindset Barry has become one of the top-producing real estate agents in the state of Colorado. Barry has also mentored many other business owners in areas such as brand development, goal setting and positive mindset. Barry often says “In my world, there isn’t wins and losses, only wins and lessons. I’m the perpetual student. I receive every lesson and get better from it.”

In addition, Mr. Overton has embarked on lucrative entrepreneurial endeavors that have allowed him to show others how to generate significant income in a recession-proof industries. One opportunity actually retired him 10 years early from a 6 figure income as a police officer. He has produced over $75M in Real Estate sales during his career, which has allowed to give back 6

figures of his income, over the last three years.

Through his speaking engagements Barry delivers fiery yet relatable stories that engage the audience and call forth and stretch their current thinking to find the greatness that lives inside them. Barry’s book, Ignite Your Greatness, The secret to lighting the fire within, helps the reader build belief in their talents and gifts, and offers a fool proof system through action steps that allows the reader to light the fire and share their greatness with the world.

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