Lynette: 29-Year Expat, Positive Mindset Coach, Stellar Goal-Setter


Lynette Michelle Mashiri

I am an educator, author and positive mindset trainer whose mission is to help women transform from being overwhelmed and disorganised to living more fulfilled, balanced lives. I provide techniques to work through the guilt and overwhelm that most women face as they juggle through the responsibilities of career and family life.

In short I give women the personal tune-up they need to help them continue to win and shine at life, no matter their role.

My Approach

As an educator and entrepreneur, I know the pressures of wearing many hats and how doing it all can be exhausting. This is why I turned to using SMART goal setting and positive mindset training as a means to cope with the many demands on my life and time.

Having seen the impact of these proven techniques in my own life, I am now sharing the knowledge with countless women who desperately need to change the way they do things for a way that is better and less draining. I enjoy helping women take control of their time and accomplish more in life as they set better goals.

Besides teaching how to plan and achieve goals, I train women how to fail forward by using setbacks to rethink and reframe their goals. By using a blend of affirmations and positive mindset, women find it easier to push through challenges that could weaken them and use them to become stronger.

While positive transformation is an individual journey, I am always there to cheer on and provide the supportive environment required to facilitate the change and follow-through.

When I’m not coaching I will be visiting new places or writing books on affirmations, gratitude and how to win at living and moving abroad.


How to send love to, hire, connect with, and follow Michelle:

Instagram: @lavenderdreamscoach


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Instagram: @melanatedstamps

Podcast: Melanated Stamps

Book: #BlackInDenver: A Black Girl’s Reflection on Being A Boujie Hipster and Black In Her Favorite Town. Essays On Race, Racial and Cultural Dissonance, Whiteness, and Being Blackity Black.


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