Nkem: Writer, Nigerian-American in Mexico, and Writing Coach


Nkem is a writer and writing coach who focuses on creative and authentic self-expression. She supports people in diving deeper into the holistic wellbeing available when we reflect on our identities, personal stories, imagination and creativity — and express these things via written narrative. She hosts writing workshops, https://www.wellspringwords.love/workshops, designed for participants to first connect with their feelings of intuition and then express from that authentic place. Many times, what people learn about themselves during these sessions confirms something they needed to receive at the moment. In addition, Nkem hosts 1-1 bespoke writing coaching programs to guide the writers and creators she works with to the next level of their creative expression.

Nkem also curates and edits a digital anthology dedicated to showcasing the creative storytelling of women of color, www.wellspringwords.love.

Dr. Jenaya Perdue

Instagram: @melanatedstamps

Website: https://linktr.ee/melanatedstamps for t-shirts, mugs, podcasts, and my book #BlackInDenver.

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