Alexa Icenia: Afro-Latina, Social Justice, Social Change

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Co-founder, producer and podcast host of Mahogany Honey the Podcast Alexa Icenia is an Afro-Latina born in the early 90’s in Miami, Florida to Dominican immigrant parents who raised her in Massachusetts. Her experiences are cross-cultural and have left an impact on her social pursuits. While living in Miami’s Little Havana, this exposed her to a large population of Blacks, Indigenous, and People of color who came from the Caribbean, South, and Central America with rich customs and stories. MA contrasted her cultivated roots with a predominantly white American patriarchal New England environment. Her mother, a self-made entrepreneur, motivates her relentless advocacy towards a holistic economy for the marginalized. The two cities along with international travel have contributed to her broad perspectives on urban lifestyles.

Her prior work and personal experience consist of years in social work providing outreach and advocacy. The exposure to the criminal justice and social work settings enabled her to relate in proximity and facilitate interactions with a diverse population and become familiar with the effects of psycho/social-education and economics on minorities. Proud alumni of University of Massachusetts Dartmouth, B.S. Psychology and Florida International University, M.Ed in Urban Education enables her to apply ethics and support where social justice topics centered on culture, humanities, and the arts are discussed.

I provide an experimental broadcasting space that is intentional in highlighting the underrepresented multicultural population of emerging entrepreneurs or young professionals who are creating content and organizations. A close focus on community organizers, journalists, social urban educators, freelance artists, and other innovative influences in urban cities who share similar values of educating the public and addressing interpersonal and social change. A fresh perspective on our current economic society through civic engagement and sharing stories of creative journeys.

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Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: mahoganyforum


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