Jashley: Global Joyrider, Nomadic Teacher, and HBCU Grad

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Hey hey y’all! My feature for this episode is so dope. She makes me think, “What would have happened if I would have left America earlier in life?” Jash is living her best life snd it’s so great to see!

My name is Jash and I am a nomadic teacher and blogger. Over the past two years I worked as an English teacher around the world and I am currently teaching fifth grade at an international school in Haiti. Outside of work I spend my time experiencing other cultures and countries while working on my platform Joyriding With Jash.

I launched my platform because I saw that there was a lack of representation in the expat community. Finding authentic information related to living abroad as a black person was few and far between especially in more uncommon locations. The platform is a place where other aspiring expats can read about the ups and downs of life abroad and connect with other current, former as well as other aspiring expats. My goal for Joyriding With Jash to be a place to access resources, read about my personal experiences, and to serve as a community for people looking to make that move as well. Since launching I’ve been able to connect with countless other black expats around the world and look forward to future collaborations.

I hope to be able to showcase other black expats establishing a life for themselves all around the world in an array of different ways such as teaching, working as a digital nomad, retiring abroad, etc. There are so many people that want to take that leap of faith, but just don’t have access to the information or points of contact to do so. Joyriding With Jash is a platform working to close that gap and show people that living abroad is possible and you won’t be alone when you get to your next destination because we’re waiting for you.

You can join the joyride at www.iamjashley.com and by following me on Instagram @iamjashley.

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