Adalia Aborisade: Black Woman Expat, Retired Educator, Financial Coach, Currently Living in Mexico City 🇲🇽

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Adalia Aborisade is all of the Black Girl Magic and living her best life in Mexico City, Mexico.

In our conversation, we chatted about how she reinvented herself and learned to cherish herself after a two-decade long marriage. In her journey of healing and daring to ask herself hard questions, she found her freedom and identity by digging deep and uncovering what she loves. She now coaches Black women to find wholeness and freedom through her finance and money coaching, expat journey, and education.

She has been living abroad now in several countries as an educator in international schools. She even had a stint in China which was less than pleasant, but has now found her home in Mexico. We talk about parenting abroad and the opportunities American educators can have in other countries.

Support her journey abroad and her work. Hire her to help you see your financial situation with new eyes as you pursue your own journey towards freedom. Money may not give you happiness, but it most definitely gives you options!

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IG: @pickygirltravels

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TW: @pickygrltravels

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