Tope Adubi: Global Entrepreneur, Beauty Expert, New Transplant from Nigeria to USA

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Tope Adubi is a business owner who focuses on bringing beauty, peace, and self-confidence to Black women around the world.

She owns a beauty and skin care line that’s rooted in the Motherland—Africa— and is focusing on bringing the creativity, tenacity, and uniqueness of her homeland to the whole world. So often, folks forget that Africa is made up of over 50 countries and each place is vastly different! The food, people, language, culture, skin colors, weather, and norms. She desires for her product line to reflect the nuances and distinct attributes of this incredible continent.

With Nigeria being the land coursing through her veins, Tope is a newbie to the USA and talks about what it’s like to be a transplant, what racism looks like from her perspective, being newly married, and surviving and thriving as a new business owner through a global pandemic.

You can find, support, buy from, and follow her at the links below:



From Tope:


Kilali Cosmetics is a black-owned business that believes in bridging the gap in the beauty industry and sharing more about the beauty that lies within the continent of Africa.

💥Our matte lip stains are all 18 hour wear lip stains that don’t smudge or transfer.

💥Our black soap facial cleanser helps to fight acne, boost natural glow and fade out dark spots and blemishes.

💥Our body butters and body oils are so moisturizing and helps keep the ashiness out.

All our products are effective because we believe YOU deserve more!


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