DenverWhileBlack Podcast Series: Jahala Rose Walker. Birth Doula, Massage Therapist, Energy Worker

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Jahala Rose Walker is an incredible Black woman in Denver who uses her hands and heart to heal, soothe, and assist in bringing forth life. She is a birth doula, massage therapist, mom, entrepreneur, and an energy worker.

In this episode, you will hear about her spiritual journey and how it has moved her from the Christian faith into her own spirituality where she connects with people and the earth at a transformational level. She also shares data and her own experiences working in the birth realm where Black women have historically been unheard and unsafe in birth spaces. She works with her clients to make sure they have birth that is safe, empowered, and holistically health.

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Instagram: @jahalarose. @handsofoshunlmt

ALWAYS buy books from Black independent bookstores, NOT Amazon.

Are you currently reading a book by a Black author? Share your thoughts in a brief audio clip and I’ll feature you and your read on a future podcast episode!

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