Heather Oglesby—Rwanda, White Saviorism/Allyship, Marriage, Therapy


Heather is an amazing human who does dope things and I got to snag her for almost an hour. She is a Peace Corps veteran who served in Rwanda, a newly wed to another amazing human, a mental health professional, hiker of mountains, reader, therapist, and so much more.

In this interview, we chat about marriage, the LGBT journey for her, living in Rwanda, returning to life after Rwanda, white saviorism, being a white ally and advocate for Black/Brown people, and the absolute necessity of therapy.

Enjoy the episode, reach out to her on Instagram at @newoglesby, and share with your friend circle!

Also from Heather..

My social media accounts are newoglesby (Instagram) and my blog can be found at http://www.hoglesby.com. I forgot to mention this during the call, but a GREAT account to follow on Instagram is called No White Saviors (nowhitesaviors) — an advocacy organization based in Uganda. They have a lot of information and resources about combating white saviorism.

Heather: All the above are PC photos (the first one is with my host family that I mentioned). The second is the school I taught at, the other is one near the home I lived in. The last is with a group of students I worked closely with!

Hiking and wedding photos above.

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