Terri Harding: Author, Mom, Wife, and #BlackGirlMagic


Hey good people,

Jenaya here. I hope you’re having a great day! So today, I am interviewing one of my favorite friends, Terri Harding. I’ve forgotten how long we have been friends, but it was before she procreated and was even married! She is a newly published author of a book! We talk about her writing process, her vision for her story, marriage (cuz I’m hopelessly single and she’s been married for over 10 years which is basically 100 years), being a mom, and being a Black woman in 2020.

Check out our chat and buy her book! Support Black woman authors!

You can find her on the internet:

Facebook: Terri Harding

Twitter: Terribell85

Instagram: Terribell85

Buy Terri’s Book!

Terri, Bill, and Kobi Harding, 2020

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