‘Rona Self-Care Reflection by Dr. J

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Hey guys! The Rona is about over for me here in China and I’m DEVASTATED cuz I’ve LOVED this Rona season! In this episode, I talk about how I have not only survived, but thrived. Lots of folks have asked me how and now I’m spilling the beans.

Self-Care During the ‘Rona
What have I been doing? Answer: IOENO (I don’t even know)
Suggestions for you and y’all

Post-run. On my daily walk to pick up my dinner at the grocery store. Headed home to cook!

My suggestions for you and y’all as you brave this intense and unexpected time:

Read—schedule it. I didn’t do this and now I’m sad.
Own your feelings. If you feel shitty, say it and be it. If you feel like superwoman/man/gender-non-conforming, say it and be it.
Call your people. Don’t call the people who aren’t your people.
Laugh at the memes. They really are hilarious.
Rest. We will probably and hopefully never ever have this time to rest ever again.
Exercise. I run every other day unless I’m bleeding. It’s necessary. I’m slower than molasses and that’s fine
Go outside. Everyday.
Eat well. (I’ve been vegan and unfortunately have loved it and feel amazing. Try that maybe?)

Plan your pivot. Whatever you’ve been thinking and saying you want to do and change..plan it. And start to implement it.
Reevaluate those things that you’ve had to give up during this time. Be thankful for the purge.

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