Episode 10: Feeding Oneself Abroad


Food is important and I think about it often. When you’re abroad, you are away from all the things you are most familiar with and the one thing above most, if not all others, that is most jarring is what/how/when one fills their belly. 

In this episode, I am sharing my big eating change from dining exclusive in restaurants to dining in my tiny home. In an effort to make my apartment my home (thanks therapy), I will be prioritizing how I fill my belly. This is an absolute need and I’m excited to be on this journey. I knew it would eventually come and I can officially say that the time is now here!

Basically, I needed to do this transition to

—become more settled in my country

—have more control in what I eat

—reach my health/weight goals and push through my plateau

—avoid having allergy issues from oil

—save $$$

On the Instagram, I will be posting my progress and meals and such periodically. It has been about 8 days so far and my body and mind have changed for the better. 

Take a moment this week to think about preparing for hard work by first doing hard work. Big changes are difficult, but when you have your ‘why’ in place, it becomes much easier. Second, let’s reflect on what we are putting into our bodies. I’m focusing on food for now and then will be working on mental and emotional food later.

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