Episode #5: Michael Nuñez –Headphones, Stockton, Slimy Consistency, Lithuania

Michael Nuñez is my guest on this episode and he had lots to share about his adventures to 20 countries. Of course, we won’t bore your to tears with a complete detailed itinerary of all of that, but tune in for the highlights and reflections! 

Michael currently lives in New Zealand where he is living his best life, teaching English online, and doing photography. He just celebrated his one-year anniversary of “I was sitting at my desk and saw a deal for a cheap roundtrip ticket to New Zealand and I decided to buy a one-way instead” this week. At the time of this recording, I was in China and he was preparing to depart to NZ. But now, he is loving his new life on the far side of the world. Follow him on his adventures and feel free to link up with him to support his ventures and passions.

Check out the episode here!

Countries Traveled:
Dominican Republic, Mexico, USA, Canada, New Zealand, N. Ireland, Scotland, England, Ireland, France, Lithuania, Poland, Italy, Greece, Turkey, Sicily, Malta, Israel, Sweden, Norway.

herethereoranywherepodcast.com (future podcast about podcast and visas)
oneandonlynunez.com (Life Blog)
imagesbynunez.com (Photography)

Instagram Hashtags:

Check out below to see what it looks like to be melanated, abroad, and the epitome of #MelanatedStamps!

Giants Causeway, Scotland, 2016
Kefalonia, Greece, 2015
Nuevo Renacer, Dominican Republic, 2015
Paris, France, 2017
Wailing Wall, Jerusalem, 2015
Waikiki, Hawaii, 2019
(Not abroad, but WAY too cool to pass up!)

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