Episode 4: MelSta is Back and Ridding Toxicity

In the voice of Kevin Hart, “See what had happened was…” Life just got real China-y.  I had to disappear for a while and recover. Living abroad may seem glorious from a distance, but it just ends up being tons of easy and sometimes bizarre challenges that need solutions. And in my case, the challenges come all in one very long, never ending month—which for me was March. In this episode, I talk about ridding myself of toxicity—how I did (and am doing) it, why, and what my life is like as I identify the toxins and work to clean them all out! Also, I reflect on what it’s life to truly see yourself. When you’re abroad, you’re faced with your whole, raw, and blemished self. This life is a ruthless mirror of the truth that I can easily run away from when I’m in my comfort zone at home! I wish living abroad was just super cute Instagrammable selfies, but it’s hard and draining growth work! The journey is tough and this episode is just an update on what I’ve been processing while I disappeared. 

Last, if you’re interested in being interviewed, hit me up at MelanatedStamps@gmail.com! Let’s schedule a date!


Click here and listen!

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