Hey hey! On this episode of Melanated Stamps, I’m talking about how to critically assess safety levels based on news articles. EVERY time I go somewhere, someone has an opinion on if I should travel anywhere. It’s always AFTER I purchase the plane ticket and it’s ALWAYS people who have NEVER left their neighborhood. Well, aren’t you helpful.. Eye roll.

Of course, they were watching the news. Of course, they do really love me. Of course, they want to make sure I’m ok. Of course, I politely listen. Then I proceed to take selfies upon reaching my destination like, “Welp, looks like I’m not dead and doing just fine!” as I sip on my boujie fruit smoothie with sand-dipped toes at the beach or traverse the city in my hipster Birkenstocks.

Albeit, news is helpful. Yes, one should check it before you head out. But don’t let it scare you. I tell people, “Would you just the whole USA by South Chicago or LA? Do you have any idea how terrified people are of visiting the US cuz ‘[we] have guns EVERYWHERE!’?” Of course not! The majority of spots are safe like a Kansas cornfield and you will be just fine.

Just don’t be stupid.

Check out my perspective on how I navigate and give the side eye to the news and determine my strategy for travel based on what I read!

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Here are the articles I referenced in this podcast:h



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